Pick Up on 6! Confusion in the Snack Aisle

OMG, have you been in the snack aisle of your local grocery story lately? The choices! The flavor variety! The basic ingredients! There is literally something for everyone. It’s no longer about your basic chips and crackers, granola bars, cookies, nuts, and fruit snacks. Now we’ve got snacks made from puffed wheat, rice, lentils, peas, blue corn, popcorn, cassava … the list goes on. There are vegan, gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free options. You get the idea. It’s enough to make your head spin.

So, what’s a health-inspired individual with an active lifestyle to do? You need a snack that’s easily portable, will satisfy those hunger pangs and will stick with you. It should be nutritious and delicious. It should be cravably crunchable and provide a quick pick-me-up. Most importantly, it should be FUN! We’ve got just the thing – the belle of the ball – the snackable walnut.

At Unbound Snacks, we say “Seize the Snack, Savor the Day!” We believe you should accept nothing less than awesome snacks, and we’re out to show the world that Unbound walnuts are the best choice for better snacking.

What do we know about walnuts and snacking? Well, we pretty much wrote the book on it. In fact, we’ve been growing and harvesting California walnuts on our family farms in the Sacramento Valley since the 1950s. We just recently jumped on the snackwagon with Unbound Snacks.

If you’re nut a fan of walnuts, you may be skeptical about them as your go-to snack, but we’re here to tell you that we’ve unlocked the deliciousness of our hand-sorted walnuts by roasting them and adding just a hint of flavor. We don’t think you need to drown your nuts in additives and flavoring to make them tasty.

We use the finest natural flavorings like chili, lime, butter, toffee, naturally dried Indonesian cinnamon bark, sea salt and imported black pepper to create an assortment of mouth-wowing flavors to satisfy any snack attack.

Have a hankering for something sweet and salty? Try our Butter Toffee walnuts. Feel like adding some zing to your step? Go for the Chili Lime. Our Roasted Cinnamon walnuts are the perfect pick-me-up. If you’re in the mood to go naked, try our Original flavor. Whatever you choose, our Unbound walnuts wal-not disappoint!

So next time you’re mystified by the snack aisle, head over to nut section and look for the nutty, brainy, colorful packaging. Or better yet, save yourself the trip and shop right here!