Looking for the perfect pairing partner for a party? Look no further than Unbound Snacks

Hosting a football party or a wine tasting? Looking for that perfect addition to your charcuterie and cheese board? No matter the situation, perfectly seasoned, roasted walnuts will boost the mood and enhance your drink of choice.

At Unbound Snacks, we’re unleashing the power of roasted walnuts with unique, mouth-wowing flavors like Chili Lime, Butter Toffee, Roasted Cinnamon, Sea Salt & Pepper, and of course, our Original. We created these flavors not only to add punchy, surprising goodness to our walnuts, but to provide the perfect complement to your special occasion.

Finding just the right pairing for your party may seem daunting. But we encourage you to be bold, break the rules, and follow the flavor. Start by reimagining the way you think about walnuts and explore possible pairings. Here are some of our favorites to get you started.

Original Pairings

Our Original flavor brings out the robust essence of earthy, sweet, carefully roasted California-grown walnuts.

Because walnuts are high in tannins, they tend to have a high and bitter taste. So you’ll want to stay away from the more tannic red wine varieties when you’re munching our Original flavor. Pair them with port or fortified sweet wines instead. If beer is your beverage of choice, choose a sweet, hoppy one like Irish red ale, Belgian pale ale, or IPA. And for seltzer, dabble in anything sweet or fruity, like Vizzy’s Truly Berry.

Sea Salt & Pepper Pairings

No doubt you’ve heard of salted nuts, but sea salt and pepper? That’s really unbound! We love them because the salt enhances the natural walnut taste, while the pepper adds a pop of tang to your tongue. So, how to balance our Sea Salt & Pepper walnuts with a Saturday-night beverage? Our go-to is a glass of your favorite cabernet sauvignon.

Sparkling wines like champagne and cava have a hint of fruity sweetness that makes them extra refreshing when served with salty foods. Go even more fruity with a pinot grigio. Not into fruity wines? No worries! You can go with a more plump and acidic wine, like sauvignon blanc or albariño and dry rosé.

For beers, opt for the bitter, like Oskar Blues’ Dale’s Pale Ale, Flying Dog’s Doggie Style, or 3 Floyds’ Alpha King. Or you can combine them with an old classic, like Coors Banquet or PBR. Simple yet still refreshing.

As for hard seltzers, we recommend anything sweet, like Vizzy’s Truly Berry. Even a classic White Claw Collection #1 will do. 

Cinnamon Pairings

When it comes to our Cinnamon walnuts, we don’t mess around. Our cinnamon is sourced in Indonesia, harvested from the bark of cassia trees that is naturally dried, cleaned, and ground to order. You can taste the difference.

These little beauties pair well with sweet, savory tastes like cherry, plum, or licorice. Sipping a nice zinfandel wine will offer a fruity taste with the pizzazz of woody spice. For a beer, choose lighter beers, lighter lagers, and Belgian ales.

Butter Toffee Pairings

If you prefer sweet to savory snacks, grab a handful of our Butter Toffee walnuts. We chose toffee not for its texture, but because of the buttery taste, making it easy to pair with just about any drink.

You can delve into buttery wines like sherry and port, or a vintage blanc. If you’re craving something really sweet, we recommend a dessert wine, like port, moscato, and sauternes.

A dark malty type of beer, like schwarzbier, English brown ale, porter, or foreign export stout, also pairs well with this buttery richness. 

For a hard seltzer, stay away from the sweeter ones and stick with refreshing seltzers like High Noon or Ranch Water.

Chili Lime Pairings

Our boldest snacking walnut is our Chili Lime. Not too zesty or peppery, this tangy treat brings a mouth-wowing sensation to your tastebuds. Its intense citrus aroma and tang gives a flavor blast to light lagers and adds pungency to bitter ales, like British-style pale ales and yeasty Belgian beers.

When it comes to just the right wine, best to pair our Chili Lime walnuts with a crisp white or rosé. But you can also try it with red wine if you’re feeling bold. 

And, of course, any hard seltzer will do if it’s not too sweet.

Cheese Pairings

The question is not what type of nuts will go with your cheese boards, but what type of cheese will complement Unbound Walnuts. After all, they are the belle of the ball! We can’t think of a cheese that doesn’t taste better when accompanied by one of our unbelievable flavors – bring on the brie and the burrata!

Say YES to Perfect Pairings

Now it’s your turn to come out of your shell and try these combinations or explore other options. At Unbound Snacks, we believe boundaries are meant to be broken, so listen to your tastebuds and boldly go wherever they take you.