Discover the difference that family-farmed walnuts make in our snacks!

Family. Tradition. Passion. That, in a nutshell, is what separates a family farm from a big, commercialized farm. Now you ask, “What difference does that make to walnuts?” and we’re so glad you did!

Let’s take it back to the 1950s, when Mahenga Bhatti arrived in the U.S. after a long journey from India in search of a better life and opportunity. After putting down roots in the Sacramento Valley, known for its fertile ground, our family originally grew peaches and prunes before expanding into the wonderful, and nutterly delicious and nutritious world of California walnuts.

As AJ, Mr. Bhatti's son, took on a larger role within the business, our family farm shifted focus from fruit to walnuts. We set out to pioneer the next generation of snacks made from this nutrient-packed superfood. Crazy? No. Ambitious? Maybe. Unabashed? Definitely. From there, our farm burst out of its shell, creating nuthing less than the perfect unbound snack.

Today, a third generation of family and lifelong friends is at the helm with new ideas to see the entire process through, from harvesting, hulling and drying to shelling and packing. We even oversee the final roasting and seasoning. Together, we’re on a mission to reimagine snacking and live a life unbound.


Now that we’ve covered the family portion, what about tradition and passion? These go hand in hand perfectly with our farm’s sustainability practices. While others just recently hopped on the sustainability trend, we’ve been doing it for generations – long before it was cool. We understand that sustainability is critical to the longevity of a multi-generational family farm.

After all, a family farmer’s number-one responsibility is to steward the land that supports the growth of its crop. Family farmers who deplete their land for a short-term profit or production increase put the land at risk for future generations! Who would do that? Not us, that’s for sure!

Not to sound like an insurance commercial, but we are farmers – first, last and always. Farming is part of our identity. We’ve grown up tending our land and practicing sustainability efforts. We are passionate about this hard work and have cemented it as a family tradition. We are committed to passing the farm down to the younger generations so they can continue our mission of creating craveable walnut snacks. Who knows? They may branch out themselves and discover even more unbound snacks to grow. Fourth generation, here we come!