Walnuts in the News – May

We’re back with another round of nutty news for May! At Unbound Snacks, we’re all about giving walnuts the spotlight they deserve. So – well, you know the drill by now – let’s get to the news!

Nice to Meat You!

With the growing demand for plant-based protein options, California Walnuts is partnering with two food influencers to showcase plant-based recipes using walnut meat. You read that right. All you need to do is combine walnuts and your choice of legume or mushroom, and bam! you’ve got walnut meat! (Here’s an example) If that isn’t thinking outside the shell, we don’t know what is. Chili Lime tacos, anyone?

Walnuts Ranked #1 Healthiest Nut by Men’s Health

We obviously would have ranked walnuts first in this list too, but it’s great to be on the same page as a source that’s a little more unbiased, like the magazine Men’s Health. In a study that probably made squirrels jump for joy, researchers in 2019 discovered that munching on walnuts could make you happier than you would be eating a nut-free diet. Turns out, folks who made walnuts a regular part of their snacking routine scored a whopping 26% lower on the depression scale compared with those who missed out on the nutty goodness. So, next time you’re feeling a bit blue, grab a handful of walnuts and let those little brain-boosting powerhouses work their magic. Who knew preserving your mental health could be so delicious?

Three Is the Magic Number

Did you know that eating a handful of walnuts three times a week boosts attention span and brain growth in teenagers? Well, it’s true! Spanish scientists recently studied 700 young adults aged 11 to 16 and found that those who ate walnuts at least three times a week had higher cognitive development and psychological maturation than those who did not. Those geniuses at Harvard must be eating a lot of walnuts!

We’ll be back next month with some more nutty news! In the meantime, continue to live your life Unbound and replenish your stash here.