Walnuts in the News – June

June came and went as quickly as a bag of Unbound Snacks disappears at a party, but not before our brain-shaped friends showed up in the news again!

Horton Hears a Crunch

Have you ever loved something so much you’d be willing to continually exert yourself physically in an attempt to save it? Well, maybe a child or a pet, but what about your favorite treat at Tim Hortons? The answer is yes for one Alberta man who is running and cycling around the province to raise awareness so Tim Hortons will keep his favorite treat, the walnut crunch donut, on the menu permanently instead of as an occasional offering. This is a big-brain move, and the Unbound Snacks team stands with you, Zacary!

Walnuts Make Sense and Scents

As walnut growers, it’s safe to say we love the smell of roasted walnuts in the morning. But why do walnuts smell so unique? Is it because they look like little brains? Is it because they’re good for your heart and help relieve stress? Or is it because they contain 50 odor-active compounds that can be replicated with the mixture of sotolon and (2E, 4E, 6Z)-nona-2,4,6-trienal? 

It turns out it’s the third one! Researchers recently deciphered the odorant code of the walnut aroma, almost half a century after the research began. This breakthrough can lead to new walnut breeding strategies to develop an improved aroma or perhaps even a nutty-smelling perfume! Sniff sniff, hooray!

Diets Heavy in Omega-3 May Help Slow ALS

Recent research has shown that consuming a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids might help slow the physical decline related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Additional research and testing will need to be completed before the link can be officially proven, but with a slower physical decline and possibly extended survival for people with ALS, we’re hopeful for the future. No jokes here – just wanted to share some potentially good news!

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