Confessions of a Walnut Lover

I have a confession to make. Up until recently, walnuts were not my favorite snack. Not even on the top 10 of my go-to list. Truth be told, I didn’t even like them. I found them bitter and boring, and I didn’t like the way the papery skin got caught between my teeth. When walnuts were called for in a recipe, I generally skipped them.

I’d also been on a low-calorie, sugar-free diet for what seemed like my whole adult life, and nuts of any kind were a no-no – or so I thought. Too much fat! I stuck to healthy choices like air-popped popcorn, cheese cubes, low-fat granola bars, raw veggies, and fresh fruit. Not exactly the most packable for my on-the-go lifestyle, but I made it work.

But lately … I’ve had a change of heart. I went hiking with a friend and forgot to pack my healthy snack. She pulled out a bag of Butter Toffee Unbound Snacks. I’m a sucker for anything “butter toffee,” so I tried some and was surprised by how tasty they were! Other “candied” walnuts I’d tried were overpowering – like they were trying to mask the bitterness with sugar. These had just the right dusting of flavor that let the walnut taste shine through.

I could have easily munched the whole bag in one sitting, but I restrained myself. I told my friend I’d heard walnuts were high in fat, and since I had high cholesterol, I avoided nuts in general. She told me that was a myth and that walnuts are rich in healthy fats. In fact, they may actually help lower the harmful LDL cholesterol and raise the beneficial HDL cholesterol levels.1 Not only that, but if you eat enough of them (a handful is good), they can help reduce inflammation. They’re also a lot more satisfying than celery sticks.

I was still on the fence about walnuts as a go-to snack. I wasn’t always in the mood for sweet and thought butter toffee was the only Unbound Snacks flavor choice. I snack throughout the day, and my tastebuds hanker for variety. Then I found out that they come in a cornucopia of outrageously mouth-wowing flavors like Chili Lime, Sea Salt and Pepper, and Roasted Cinnamon.

After that, I was hooked. Seriously, these little nuggets are crunchably cravable. Since then, I keep a handy stash of all the flavors, and whenever I head out for the day, I toss a bag in my backpack. I know with Unbound Snacks in my stash, snacktime will never be boring!



1. N. Husein, “Busting 6 Common Myths about Walnuts!” California Walnuts Website.